Eco-Friendly Maintenance-Oils, Developed and Manufactured in Aotearoa New Zealand

Our eco-friendly maintenance oils outperform their petrochemical counterparts, while causing no adverse effects on people's health or the environment. We 100% guarantee you will be impressed by the performance of our products. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you in full, including return shipping costs. Details here


Commercial Users Of Our Products

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The Concrete People
Dominion Salt
Wellington Zoo
Abel Tasman Eco Tours
Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures
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Salt Works

I have been introduced to the Breakout F-CLP Penetrating Oil product and over the last 3 months have been nothing short of impressed. The extremely corrosive environment that I work in reeks havoc with our equipment and with continued use of the product we are able to resurrect some pieces thought too far gone and keep new equipment in a better condition. Well done and thanks.

Drew Manson. Engineering Team Leader



Abel Tasman Eco Tours

A quality, locally produced and ethical lubricating protectant oil. We operate machinery in the ocean, and so it is imperative that we minimise our use of toxic chemicals. We use Breakout F-CLP for general maintenance and Chainsaw Bar Lube as a protective rust-preventative coating on our machinery. Now that we have found Eco Fix Oil, there is no substitute. Great work and thanks heaps Matt!

Stew Robertson. Owner



Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures

Here at Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures we place a high importance on things being environmentally and professionally correct. With this in mind, I have no hesitation in recommending people use Breakout F-CLP Penetrating Oil as their tool-kit's main lubricating, loosening and protecting product, as we do.

Martin Holmes



Boat Maintenance

Well, this oil is really rather good. Our galley tap was doing a great job of building up biceps and a lousy one of delivering water. After a few drops of Breakout F-CLP Penetrating Oil it now glides effortlessly and the water flows easily. I recently used it to remove some masking tape that had been in stuck in place for years, a few drops of Breakout F-CLP with minimal rubbing and like magic all residue has gone. Totally recommend.





I have used Breakout F-CLP Penetrating Oil on all of my padlocks. I was going to get new ones but a friend suggested I use this new product first. I am absolutely amazed at how easily it frees up stuck and rusting parts. After only one spray a year ago, my padlocks on my boat where they are exposed to salt air are smooth and easy to open as if they were brand new. Breakout F-CLP is a great product and I highly recommend it.

Garry Cheatley



Fishing Gear

I have been searching for decades for an eco-friendly, non-toxic, anti-rust coating for my fish hooks. I have tried some that have worked to varying degrees but I have always been worried about the coatings frightening fish especially when using bait as the fish are relying mostly on smell to locate the bait. A dim light flashed when I saw my dog enthusiastically licking some freshly applied Breakout F-CLP Penetrating Oil from a boat trailer. I went home and opened up my box of hooks and after discarding many which were rusted, I washed and dried them and applied a light coat of Eco Fix Oil and let the hooks dry for a week on a piece of cardboard before returning them to the box. I next went bait fishing three months later and had a red-letter fishing day, and suspect that the miracle oil actually attracted the fish. The box remained shut for another two months and when I opened it yesterday the hooks were still shiny like new. I think that my search is over! Thank you.

Eric Thesen