Free-up and restore rusty, corroded or siezed equipment with Eco Fix Oil F-CLP

1/ Apply a coating of Eco Fix Oil F-CLP over all metal parts and allow time for the oil to penetrate into the moving parts and dissolve dirt and corrosion.

2/ If the equipment is siezed solid, it may be necessary to lightly tap the siezed parts with a small hammer to help break-up the corrosion which is preventing the equipment from moving. If this doesn't work, allow more time for the product to work.

3/ Once the equipment begins moving, work the equipment to further allow penetration and corrosion removal. Dissolved corrosion can be observed coming out of moving parts with the Eco Fix Oil F-CLP as the equipment is worked. Apply more Eco Fix Oil to help this process of "washing" the dissolved corrosion out of the moving parts.

4/ Once the equipment is operating freely and no more dissolved corrosion is coming out of the moving parts, it can be wire-brushed to completely remove surface rust and optionally washed with soapy water and dried to clean the equipment and remove the Eco Fix Oil F-CLP in preparation for painting.

5/ Once cleaning and optional painting of equipment is complete, apply a final spray of Eco Fix Oil to lubricate and protect the equipment for service.