Eco Fix Oil "How to..."

Clean and Lubricate a Bike Chain with Eco Fix Oil Bike and Multi-Purpose Lube

This can be done with the bike upright or turned upside-down for easier access to the bike chain.
1/ Crank the bike pedals in reverse to feed the chain around while pouring drops of Eco Fix Oil onto the chain above the back sprocket. This will allow the oil to spread evenly around the entire bike chain and sprockets and at the same time penetrate inside all the chain links where it needs cleaning and lubricating the most.
2/ Once a full even coating is applied, take a cloth or rag and gently hold it around the chain where it runs between the back wheel and crank at the bottom of the bike and crank it backwards again to allow the chain to run through the cloth and wipe off any dirt and grime the oil has dissolved and loosened.
3/ Repeat step 1 application of Eco Fix Oil to leave the bike chain well lubricated and protected.

Free, Clean, Lubricate and Protect Tools with Eco Fix Oil F-CLP

1/ Apply a coating of Eco Fix Oil over all metal parts of the tool
2/ Allow time for the oil to penetrate into the moving parts and dissolve dirt and corrosion
3/ Work the tool to further allow penetration and corrosion removal
4/ Wipe down with a clean cloth or rag. Or for a thorough clean up, scrub the surfaces of the tool with a scrubbing brush and warm soapy water to remove all dirt and corrosion then allow to dry completely and reapply a coating of Eco Fix Oil to keep it well lubricated and protected.

Wash Oil, Paint, Grime and Adhesives from Hands with Eco Fix Oil F-CLP

1/ Apply enough Eco Fix Oil to fully cover hands
2/ Rub hands together to work Eco Fix Oil onto affected areas
3/ Rinse off with fresh water and then wash hands normally with regular soap and water

Remove Sticky Labels with Eco Fix Oil F-CLP

1/ Apply a few drops of Eco Fix Oil onto and around the edges of the label and allow time for the oil to soak in and soften the adhesive.
2/ Peel from the edges to remove the label. If any label residue remains, apply a little more Eco Fix Oil and rub with your fingers or a paper towel to remove.
3/ Finish by wiping down with a clean dry cloth or wash in warm soapy water.

Clean Oil Stains from Concrete & Asphalt Driveways and Workshop Floors with Eco Fix Oil F-CLP

1/ Spray affected area with Eco Fix Oil F-CLP and scrub with a stiff bristle broom or scrubbing brush.
2/ Allow some time for the product to act and dissolve all of the oil, giving a further scrub with a broom or scrubbing brush.
3/ Rinse affected area clean with a high pressure hose or pressure-washer.
4/ Optionally, mix a little detergent in a bucket of water and give the area a final wash to remove any remaining oil residue and rinse off.
5/ Allow to dry.