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Eco Fix Oil Concrete Form Oil - Food Grade

Plant Oil Based Bio Concrete Form Release Agent for all Timber, Metal and Plastic Forms

100% readily biodegradable and pH neutral, with advanced release; cleaning and corrosion-inhibiting properties.

This oil allows an easy and clean release from concrete forms and moulds. The product saponifies to form natural biodegradable soaps when it comes in contact with the alkaline ingredients in wet concrete. These soaps continue the oil's job of providing the release film between the concrete and forms while the concrete cures. It leaves no traces, blemishes, discoloring or staining on the concrete finish and makes form cleaning easy.

With the unique power of Eco Fix Oil, the Form Oil actually removes rust build up on metal forms, making them shiny-clean and easier to use and clean the more repetitions the product is used on them.


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Food Grade Certification

MPI Approved C 15 (All animal product except dairy)

1. This is permitted to be used during processing of food to lubricate moving parts of equipment whereby the lubricated surface is either an integral part of the food contact surface, or is contiguous with the food contact surface and contamination could result from bearing seal leakage.

2. The equipment is to be maintained, including the application of lubricants, according to the specifications of the equipment manufacturer.

3. Only sufficient lubricant is to be used to achieve the desired effect

4. When used in the manner permitted, all lubricated surfaces are to be maintained according to requirements for sanitation of food contact surfaces. Where necessary the relevant parts of the equipment must be dismantled to inspect the adequacy of cleaning.

5. When used in any other manner that may result in incidental contamination of a food contact surface, the surface is to be cleaned by washing to ensure no free substance remains that could be transferred to food being processed.





Food Grade Certification

MPI Approved C 26 (All animal product except dairy)

1. This is permitted on food contact surfaces as a release agent or as an anti-rust film.

2. The amount used should be the minimum required to accomplish the technical effect.

3. The surface must be wiped or adequately drained after application so that no free substance remains that could be transferred to food being processed.





Food Grade Certification

MPI Approved C 61 (All animal product except dairy)

1. This is permitted in potable water.

2. The final concentration of the active element, at the point of use, shall conform to the limits stated in directives on potable water.



Directions For Use

This product can be applied by trigger or pump spray, or by brush.

Apply enough product to provide an even wet coating over all surfaces to be released or where unwanted splashes of concrete could stick.

The product can be applied any time right until moments prior to pouring concrete.

Product Testimonials


Firth Concrete

I have been using Eco Fix Oil Concrete Form Release Oil for the past 3 months in the lab on our test cylinders and I must say it is a gem to work with. It makes for easy clean up the next day when taking the blocks out of the cylinders and makes our cylinders look like new. It doesn’t stain the blocks either.

I haven’t used much over 3 months, so that is a good thing. A little goes a long way.

I recommend that you should give this oil a try. I give a good 10/10 to this product and it is a clean thing for the planet.

Maurice Llewellin
Lab Technician, Firth Concrete, Nelson NZ