Eco Fix Oil Bike Chain & Multi-Purpose Lube

Eco Friendly bike chain cleaner, lubricant and protectant in one. First pass removes old oil, dirt, grime and corrosion. Second pass lubricates and protects.

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This pocket-sized bottle is designed specially for cyclists, to be easily carried in bike-bags or pouches. Its long spout is ideal for easily applying the product to chains and sprockets and other mechanisms without mess.

This packaging system is refillable from the 4 litre bulk pack and is recyclable.

Available in two packaging types-

• 100ml dropper
• 4 litre bulk refill

Bulk quantities available POA
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Clean, safe and non-toxic for you, your bike and the environment

 •   Easily removes dirt, grease, oil and grime
 •   Restores, softens and improves the look of hardened leather, vinyl and plastic
 •   Removes light surface rust
 •   Cleans and shines all surfaces
 •   Improves the look of old worn paint on vintage classic bikes

Lubricates and Protects
 •   All moving parts – chain, sprockets, cables, gears, brake-levers and bearings
 •   Cleaner, lubricant and protectant in one. No need for separate cleaning and lubricating products
 •   First pass dissolves and removes old thick oils, dirt and grime
 •   Second pass lubricates and protects
 •   Fine lubricating oil penetrates into where it is needed most
 •   Dirt and dust will not stick

Safety Data Sheet for Eco Fix Oil Bike and Multi Purpose Lube

Product Reviews


My Ride Richmond

We, at My Ride Richmond have been using Eco Fix Oil for about 18 months. It lasts well during wet winter rides and doesn’t end up a gunky mess during dry/dusty summer rides.
Most importantly it makes the chain easy to clean ensuring less wear and tear on our expensive drivetrains. The fact that it isn’t harming the environment is an added bonus.

Mike Anderson

Motueka Bike Shed

We have been using Eco Fix Oil for over a year now for bike maintenance. It is particularly good for cantilever and V brake pivots. We have found it useful for cleaning off light surface rust. It also improves the look of old worn paint on vintage classic bikes.

Ross Savile