Eco Fix Oil

A New Way of Thinking to Future-Proof Our World

Good products that aren't bad for us, or the environment

Ecofixoil Limited is dedicated to producing quality maintenance oil products from all natural ingredients.

We believe that the best performing cleaners, lubricants and corrosion protectors are powered by Nature and *that* is the power behind our products.

Our products are the result of our trade-secret refining and purifying processes. This produces a very pure and refined oil, which is tailored to give the most ideal characteristics to each of our products.

We carefully select the source oils we use, which are mostly New Zealand grown Rapeseed and Sunflower Oils. We do not use Palm Oil source oils.

As well as being non-toxic, safe to use and sustainable; our products outperform their petrochemical counterparts in both functionality and longevity.

Our Story

Eco Fix Oil has been developed, tested and proven for more than 10 years in the harsh and corrosive marine environment, before going on the market.


"I developed it after myself becoming sensitized to petrochemical substances while working in the boat building and maritime industry. I wanted a non-obnoxious, non-toxic and environmentally-safe alternative to the commercial products that were available at the time.

Tested in the most unforgiving environment on earth - the salty corrosive marine environment, Eco Fix Oil outperforms all other brands.

Why use an inferior toxic petrochemical oil, when an all-natural biodegradable oil works best?"

Matt Pye (founder)
Ecofixoil Limited.