Eco Fix Oil Gun Oil CLP

Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant

Will not Freeze, Oxidise or Evaporate.
Natural and Non-Toxic. No Chemical Smell.
Powerful, Effective and Long Lasting.

Eco Fix Oil Gun Oil CLP is a plant oil based product, made from locally sourced ingredients. It is a solvent free and natural alternative to petrochemical cleaners, lubricants and corrosion protectors.

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Incl. GST - Free NZ Shipping


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Safety Data Sheet for Eco Fix Oil Gun Oil CLP

Product Testimonials


Wild Places Wild Game

Your oil is the only oil I know that cleans rust and blood off. Used to have to use soapy water for the blood. Not any more. It's good to support NZ made products.

Simon Fowler



The Gun Shop Motueka

We have been using Eco Fix Oil for some time now when carrying-out maintenance on firearms. Apart from being a great product for lubrication and protection, we like the fact that it has no adverse effects on the environment. Would highly recommend the usage of Eco Fix Oil.

Neil Simpson