Eco Fix Oil Chainsaw Bar Lube - Food Grade

Natural Plant Oil Based Bio Chain Bar Lubricant

Introducing our all-natural saw blade lubricant, designed to provide advanced cleaning, lubrication, and corrosion protection; powered by Eco Fix Oil.

Unlike traditional petroleum-based lubricants, our product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and approved for food-grade use by MPI (C15 & C26), making it safe to use in environments where contamination from petroleum oils and their chemical additives is undesirable.

Our plant oil-based lubricants offer numerous advantages over petroleum-based oils, including better lubricity and shear resistance without the need for chemical lubricating additives. With a higher flash point and lower vapor pressure, users experience reduced inhalation of fumes. Plus, the composition is similar to human skin oil, reducing skin irritation and eczema for operators and mechanics.

Our proprietary production process creates a molecularly polarized lubricating oil that doesn't require thick, gooey chemical additives to adhere to the bar and chain. The chemical polarization allows it to stick to the metal friction surfaces of the saw, where lubrication is needed most. This results in smoother and cleaner chainsaw operation without the buildup of muck associated with traditional petroleum oils.

Upgrade to our all-natural saw blade lubricant for a superior chainsaw experience.


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Food Grade Certification

MPI Approved C 15 (All animal product except dairy)

1. This is permitted to be used during processing of food to lubricate moving parts of equipment whereby the lubricated surface is either an integral part of the food contact surface, or is contiguous with the food contact surface and contamination could result from bearing seal leakage.

2. The equipment is to be maintained, including the application of lubricants, according to the specifications of the equipment manufacturer.

3. Only sufficient lubricant is to be used to achieve the desired effect

4. When used in the manner permitted, all lubricated surfaces are to be maintained according to requirements for sanitation of food contact surfaces. Where necessary the relevant parts of the equipment must be dismantled to inspect the adequacy of cleaning.

5. When used in any other manner that may result in incidental contamination of a food contact surface, the surface is to be cleaned by washing to ensure no free substance remains that could be transferred to food being processed.





Food Grade Certification

MPI Approved C 26 (All animal product except dairy)

1. This is permitted on food contact surfaces as a release agent or as an anti-rust film.

2. The amount used should be the minimum required to accomplish the technical effect.

3. The surface must be wiped or adequately drained after application so that no free substance remains that could be transferred to food being processed.



Product Testimonials


The Loggers Shop

We have been using Eco Fix Oil Chain Bar Lube in our workshop for the last year and we find it very effective for our application of re-lubing harvester chains after sharpening them, It sticks to the chains and stays on well.
We also sell it in our retail shop and get great feedback from customers using it in their harvester machines and chainsaws.
We love that its eco-friendly, and most of all, locally made. We highly recommend giving Eco Fix Oil Chain Bar Lube a try!

Corey Harwood, Workshop Foreman


Dry Gum Firewood


Cutting Dry Gum Firewood

Great oil! I've been cutting massive dry gum logs, Eco Fix Oil Chainsaw Bar Lube never misses a beat..

Did some tests with an infra-red temperature sensor. The chain and bar run 10 degrees cooler than running mineral oil. Down from 55 to 45C.

Impressed how this product cleans my saw, never stops impressing me, so happy with it.."

Pete Hutchings, Golden Bay.