Eco Fix Oil Metal Protect

100% Natural and Biodegradable, High-Tack Lubricating Corrosion-Protecting Oil

This is an all-natural anti-corrosion barrier-oil, with the advanced lubricating and corrosion-protecting power of Eco Fix Oil.

It is non toxic and biodegradable, so can safely be used where contamination from petroleum oils and their associated chemical additives is undesirable.


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Product Testimonials

Dry Gum Firewood


Marine Anti-Corrosion Protectant Oil

Eco Fix Oil - what can I say? It does what the name says. Currently using Eco Fix Oil Metal Protect on springs and chains on the Mako. It sticks well, lasts well, and it’s good for the environment and that’s a win all round!

- Sunni Parkin. Skipper of F.V. Mako. Fishing out of Nelson NZ.



Abel Tasman Eco Tours

A quality, locally produced and ethical lubricating protectant oil. We operate machinery in the ocean, and so it is imperative that we minimise our use of toxic chemicals. We use Breakout F-CLP Penetrating Oil for general maintenance and Metal Protect as a protective rust-preventative coating on our machinery. Now that we have found Eco Fix Oil, there is no substitute. Great work and thanks heaps Matt!

Stew Robertson. Owner